Kartoon Caricatures by Dian & Pete Wagner - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Specializing in Drawing Comic Cartoon Caricatures at EVENTS as Entertainment


- Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Cartoon Caricature Artists for Hire.
We are Dian and Pete Wagner and we draw "FUNNY! NOT UGLY!!!" caricatures at events, such as festivals, fairs, trade shows, parties, receptions, schools, art shows, and many others.

Our enduring success for over 40 years is based on the numerous more-than-satisfied clients who have hired us back every year, year after year, for decades, because they know they can count on us to be a reliable HIT with their guests. And on the many repeat customers who come back to visit us each year at the fairs and festivals where we sell our cartoon caricature drawings one-to-one.

Pete typically draws 25 FACES PER HOUR! That's almost THREE TIMES as many as the average artist you will find at other caricaturing companies.

Dian typically draws between 15-18 FACES PER HOUR! TWICE as many as most others.

We draw caricatures the fastest, the funniest, the best, and most importantly at an event, in the funnest way to have drawn and to watch others being drawn. WATCH US IN ACTION: Go to the VIDEOS page and see for yourself why we are your best bet for entertaining event caricatures.

Why VIDEOS? Photos are helpful, and we have a bunch here plus a zillion more of them up at our FACEBOOK PAGE for you to see. But nothing shows you better how well a caricature artist can perform out in the field in an actual event setting than VIDEOS like ours.

HIRE US!!! We would love to come draw for you!

CALL 612-886-2345 for more info or to book a date, or use our CONTACT form here.
How 'bout all us hundreds of important and talented

We are award winning caricature artists/cartoonists/artists who have won major national and regional independently juried awards from major professional organizations with whom we had no personal contact whatsoever--strictly on the basis of our work....