Kartoon Caricatures by Dian & Pete Wagner - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Specializing in Drawing Comic Cartoon Caricatures at EVENTS as Entertainment

Contact Us-Talk to a Real Human

Here is a CONTACT FORM (below) for your convenience. We love email, when we can find your message amidst the sea of SPAM. BUT we especially love to TALK with you on the PHONE to ask you about your event, to get a feel for who you are and what you are about, to learn about you and to brainstorm with you. We know everything there is to know about caricaturing at events (we practically INVENTED it!!!), so we have a lot to offer ideas, suggestions and information on how we can help make your event a rousing SUCCESS.

If you are going to hire someone to entertain at your event, doesn't it make sense to HEAR them and interact with them personally to find out whether we sound like someone who would be a good fit for your guests? Caricaturing is not just about cranking out party favors, it is about RELATING TO your guests and PERFORMING FOR them! We are not like some kind of mindless PICTURE-MAKING MACHINE or PHOTO BOOTH. We are REAL ARTISTS and REAL PEOPLE who want to give you something GREAT on a very PERSONAL level.

So PLEASE! Do CALL US. Don't be shy. We won't bite. It's well worth the little time it will take.

PHONE: 612-886-2345 / 10 am-10 pm most days
Important Note: All that said, we sometimes need you to leave a new invention called a "VOICE MESSAGE" and to call you back because we are out performing and not able to take calls for a few hours at a time or traveling and we don't do phone calls while driving, believe it or not. Pete is in the studio a lot from Sept-May to get your calls. But during the summer, we are often at fairs where we cannot answer the phone or return calls for a day or two. Some of the small fairs we are at are so far out there we can't even get phone or internet service for some periods of time. We apologize for this but it is because we are devoting 100% of our attention and passion to delivering the best possible performances we can rather than just trying to constantly hustle for more business, more business, more business, more business. You should find that to be a PRO, not a con. Patience will be rewarded if you wait and talk to the best and get the best. We could hire someone to answer every call that comes in and tell you this, but you would then eventually be paying for that, which we think is silly and a waste. So please give us a chance to return your call if you do not happen to catch us!