Kartoon Caricatures by Dian & Pete Wagner - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Specializing in Drawing Comic Cartoon Caricatures at EVENTS as Entertainment


Base Rate:
$95 to $150 per hour per artist depending on various factors too numerous to lay out here (ASK about a specific date) / Two hour minimum for local, Four hour for distances beyond a 50-minute drive.

Trip Fee: 50 cents per mile ONLY if your event is more than 25 miles from our studio in Minneapolis. Otherwise, no trip fees.

Black and White vs. Color: No difference in hourly rate, however color caricature drawings take almost twice as long as black and white, so you end up with far fewer being done. We greatly prefer doing black and white at events. BW lends itself to the whole situation much better.

Digital Caricature Drawings: Please ASK. This gets complicated, but we have done them and they can be a great feature when everything is set up correctly and there is a tech on hand who knows what they are doing. This always requires and advance setup, usually entailing a day or more ahead of time. No way to do them cheaply so few Midwesterners are interested.

Day Rate: For out-of-town engagements within driving distance where we need to stay overnight, we charge a minimum of $500 per artist plus lodging. We rarely accept anything beyond 300 miles, but we love performing in Madison and Milwaukee, where we enjoyed living before we moved to Minneapolis, and our families are there so we are inclined to cut some slack for those destinations.

No Hidden Fees, No Surprises: The fees and rates above cover everything. We do not charge for paper, supplies, etc. We do not normally supply bags ("plastic protectors," as some refer to them) at most events because we usually tape up the drawings on a nearby wall, usually behind us, as part of the fun, and then the folks take them home at the end of the event. If bags (aka "plastic protectors") are desired, they can be added at near-cost but we have found in 40+ years of doing this that they are rarely important.

Deposits: We normally require a 50% deposit and payment of the balance in full at the event. We accept all major credit cards but prefer checks because the card companies rake off a huge percentage.


We offer discounts of anywhere from 10-35 percent during our off-peak times, days and months. These are usually but not always Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between noon and 4 pm, and usually but not always November and January. We also give discounts when we can for engagements close to home, that involve no rush hour drive time. We love helping schools and nonprofits by giving discounts if we can. We almost never can do appearances free of charge anymore, but if anyone wants to donate a few million dollars to us we'll be happy to get back to doing that all the time.

Spring is usually pretty slow for caricatures, but we do have a few longstanding annual Easter-related events, so no discounts are likely that week or two.

Pigs on Tricycles Eat Free at Kartoon Caricatures by Dian & Pete Wagner


We reserve the right to have and enforce a strict policy of drawing talking pigs riding around on tricycles free of charge. I know that may sound discriminatory to some, but we feel that if a pig is riding around on a tricycle, it is simply too much fun to resist drawing them. And if they want to eat the caricature, we will do our best to provide salt and other condiments. That is our policy and we are sticking with it.