Kartoon Caricatures by Dian & Pete Wagner - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Specializing in Drawing Comic Cartoon Caricatures at EVENTS as Entertainment

How To Hire Us

to Draw Caricatures at Your Event

All we need to know when you are first inquiring about hiring us is WHAT IS THE LOCATION and WHAT IS THE DATE or what are the dates of the event? Since we are a small band of only the top few caricaturists in the area, and 90% or more of the time it is just the two of us or just Pete that you will be hiring, we take an extremely personal, individualized approach and give you our full, undivided attention once we begin working with you. We will ask the other important questions a bit later and write up a contract for you to be sure we have everything correct.

To ask about availability for a date, please just go to our CONTACT page and use the form there.


We use a very simple contract form which is mainly to be sure to prevent misunderstandings about start time, exact location, etc. but also to be clear about payment. The industry norm is to collect a deposit of 50% down and then the balance is due at the event in full. If you have a hard time reading small type you will love our contract.


We work ONLY with the best few artists and cartoonists around who meet our criteria for outstanding performance and FUNNY caricaturing.
That means there are VERY few who qualify.

YES, there are many, many, MANY capable and skillful craftspeople around who are able to draw well and who like to call themselves "caricature artists." But that doesn't mean they really ARE very good at drawing caricatures. Ninety-nine percent of them are straight artists faking it as caricaturists because the fine art market and commercial art markets have largely dried up and they all had "high self esteem" educators and parents nurturing their fantasies instead of helping them prepare for a career in the real world.

Straight art is not comic art. There are many people who are good at public speaking. That doesn't make them good at doing stand-up comedy. Caricatures are COMIC art when done right.

We would rather pass up an opportunity to take your money than inflict some questionable practitioner on you who has an iffy performance record, so if those top few are not available, we will decline your offer with sadness but we will decline it nonetheless rather than rip you off. This will lose us some clients who only care about getting somebody, ANYBODY, as quick as they can, and all they care about is they have a website that looks business-friendly,thinks caricaturists grow on trees, caricaturists are all the same, etc. etc. That's okay with us. WE DON'T WANT YOU, EITHER.

If you go to one of those agency sites with 30 or 50 or 100 "artists" who all claim to be "professional" caricaturists, lotsa luck! If you really think caricaturists are a dime a dozen, you will most likely be getting what you pay for but hey, when we are traveling around out in the boonies where there are no natural food co-ops, we sometimes buy stuff from Wal-Mart, ourselves, and their organic peanut butter is like a buck cheaper than it is at the co-op, so who knows? Maybe you just might luck out and happen to hit an okay bargain.

We cater to clients who actually CARE about getting the best and aren't deluding themselves into the sad notion that just because there is a demand for something, there must be a supply.

Good caricaturists are a rarity. If you understand this, WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.

This lad's caricature drawing of me at a Halloween event in 2016 was great. I would hire him over most of the "artists" pretending to be caricaturists who are offered by agencies with dozens of supposedly professional supposedly talented "artists" who are all "trained" to crank out standardized commercial crappycatures. This boy has HEART. He has ORIGINALITY. He has a naturally warped sense of humor, like me. And he really captured my TEETH. Which it looks like I will be needing in order to hold the marker and draw, since he didn't give me any ARMS. Minor oversight.