Kartoon Caricatures by Dian & Pete Wagner - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Specializing in Drawing Comic Cartoon Caricatures at EVENTS as Entertainment


The "testimonials" that matter most to us are the LAUGHS from "satisfied customers" enjoying their drawings.

are the "testimonials" that come in the form of organizations and families and individuals who hire us back every year, year after year after year after year and the folks who stand in line for up to 45 minutes at the biggest events waiting to have us draw for them again after doing it for years before that.

Then after that, p
robably the photos folks send to our Facebook page showing the caricature drawings they have had us do of them every year for many years all framed and up on the walls of their homes. Or even if they aren't framed, that still means a lot to us in terms of "reviews" or "testimonials."

Those kinds of actions speak volumes more than anything anyone can write in a thank you note or on Yelp or whatever. But here are a few of the many kind statements from clients, below, which we appreciate very much.