Kartoon Caricatures by Dian & Pete Wagner - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Specializing in Drawing Comic Cartoon Caricatures at EVENTS as Entertainment

We were eager to get VIDEO showing us perform caricature drawing at events as entertainers up on our website as soon as it was possible way back in 1999. It took forever for people to download the Quicktime movie onto their computers over phone modems and was a TINY little black and white image and very short but we could hardly wait to take advantage of this new technology and were excited when the bare bones of "desktop video" were finally reaching a stage where it could be posted online. In spite of how easy it is now to shoot and upload video onto the Web, so far it appears we are STILL the ONLY ones in our region of the country who offer UN-EDITED VIDEO, NOT "TIME-LAPSED" nor SPED-UP FOOTAGE, showing entire caricature drawings being done FROM START TO FINISH, proving that we draw caricatures the fastest, the funniest, the best, and most importantly for entertainment at an event--THE MOST FUN TO WATCH AND HAVE DRAWN. We perform as true entertainers.

How 'bout all us hundreds of important and talented
Why, we're jus' a DIME A DOZEN! We GROWIN' ON TREES! Whooo-ha! Ripe for the pickin. WalMart, here we come!

Dian and Pete Wagner have won numerous major national and regional independently juried awards from major national and international professional organizations, nonprofits and long-established fine art associations with whom we had no personal contact whatsoever--strictly on the merits of our work. Pete won the national Society of Professional Journalists Award and then another six consecutive multi-state regional awards against a cartoonist who recently won the Pulitzer Prize. Pete was also voted "Best Cartoonist" by City Pages newspaper's 250,000 readers beating out Matt Groening, creator of "The Simpsons." Pete won a national Fischetti Award for cartooning, a Public Citizen Award from Ralph Nader's Public Interest Research Group for his cartooning, several Minnesota Newspaper Association awards for his cartoons, and others too numerous to mention. Dian won a major award for her watercolor portraits in caricature style of Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale. Both Dian and Pete's work have been exhibited in many galleries and other venues, and Pete even had one cartoon shown in a traveling exhibit of Grant Wood's paintings, including a show at the Whitney Museum in New York. Pete's animations have been shown in international film festivals in Europe and the USA.

These are legitimate awards, not the "Everyone Who Shows Up Gets A Trophy" kind of award many others are touting on their websites. You will notice, if you look through a number of the other artists who call themselves "professional caricature artists," virtually every single last one of them who belong to a certain high-falutin' sounding "Caricature Artists Society" ALSO happen to be "AWARD WINNERS" and all the awards came from that same group. They hand around awards to one another at chummy meetings that are more like a social club or a support group than anything resembling an authentic professional organization.

Frankly, we really don't think awards are that important. We haven't entered any competitions in almost 20 years. Been there, done that. But if you're going to consider them when deciding which caricaturist to hire, don't be too fooled by the words "award-winning caricature artist." Like many of the awards themselves, they mean very little nowadays.
If artists draw too slowly to enjoy watching them on a short video, they draw MUCH too slowly to enjoy watching or sitting for at an EVENT!
Watch our videos! Photos are helpful, and we have a zillion of them up at our FACEBOOK PAGE for you to see. But nothing shows you better how well a caricature artist can perform out in the field in an actual event setting than VIDEOS like ours.

HIRE US!!! We would love to come draw caricatures for you! Because it is effortless for us and because we are authentic CARTOONISTS, not realism-based portrait artists or illustrators who have to struggle to attempt to translate people into comic or cartoon characters, we can draw at an astonishing rate of speed and our caricatures are truly comedy on paper and comedy entertainment.

Pete is the fastest you will find. He typically draws UP TO 25 FACES PER HOUR! That's almost THREE TIMES as many as the average caricaturist.

Dian is also super-fast. She does about TWICE as many as most other caricaturists. Fast and funny performance and drawings!
Here is a video of DIAN at work completing two 3-minute caricatures at a middle school dance that has hired us every year for over 20 years. Dian usually does a little more detail than Pete but she is still one of the "Fastest Drawers in the Midwest!" as the Minneapolis Star-Tribune put it. Dian is able to do up to 25 faces per hour when the situation calls for it but she usually averages 18.
Our History

We were the first to hire out to draw caricatures at events, way back in the 1970s.

We are seasoned, experienced professional caricature artists based in Minneapolis who specialize in performing caricaturing at events in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Upper Michigan and Illinois. Our caricature drawings have  been widely published and highly rated and have won numerous major awards. (See left.)  Pete has been the cartoonist and caricature artist for a great daily newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin, and with 250,000 readers for a major weekly newspaper in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota for ten years, and for one of the biggest national magazines in the USA with over 5 MILLION readers. Pete's cartoons and caricatures have also been syndicated to over 300 newspapers and published in TIME Magazine and the Washington Post, among many others. Dian's, for the Minnesota Women's Press.

Pete has always been at home as a professional entertainer performing in front of an audience. He wrote, produced and performed a one-man comedy show in 1979 that toured 33 colleges and universities around the country. He was a paid regular performing satirical stand-up comedy and caricaturing with his sketchpad and marker at Scott Hansen's Comedy Gallery in 1990 for a number of  months and in 2004 he was a regular featured TV personality on KMSP-TV Channel 9's morning news show, where he drew fast caricatures and entire political cartoons on camera until he decided getting up at 4 am was not worth the attendant fame.

Dian holds two art degrees from the University of Minnesota: a BFA in Studio Arts and a BS in Art Education; and Pete earned a Master of Fine Arts degree and a PhD-ABD in Design, also from the U of M. Pete developed and taught the first cartooning courses offered at a major university (or pretty much anywhere back then, in the 1970s), first at the U of M, then also at the University of St. Thomas and more recently at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Pete has also taught drawing, digital graphics and design theory courses at the U of M and was awarded a research assistantship at the "U" for a color physics study in the Digital Technology Center.

Pete is author of two books, BUY THIS BOOK (1980) and BUY THIS TOO (1987), which received rave reviews including kudos from national magazines. The books are now collectors' items sometimes selling for up to $350 on Amazon.com.

Our enduring success as caricaturists for over 40 years is based on the numerous more-than-satisfied clients who have hired us back to perform every year, year after year, for decades, because they know they can count on us to be a reliable HIT with their guests. And on the many repeat customers who come back to visit us each year at the fairs and festivals where we sell our cartoon caricature drawings one-to-one.

Favorite Quote of the Century:
"You 'Train' MONKEYS, Not Artists!"
-Caricature Artist Max Espinoza, Los Angeles, California