Kartoon Caricatures by Dian & Pete Wagner - Minneapolis, Minnesota
What Should You Look for to Evaluate Artists When Hiring a Caricaturist as an Entertainer for an Event?
We would suggest these as the three top things:

1. LIKEABILITY. Don't be so overly "wowed" by technical skill, elaborate flourishes, stylization, etc. that you fail to stop and really consider whether their drawings are likeable. Make sure that all that visual razzamatazz isn't just formulaic button-pushing visual BS covering up a mean-spirited, mediocre likeness. "Lipstick on a pig." Really LOOK at the sample drawings and ask yourself whether the way the artist you are considering depicts people is something you would like if YOU were drawn that way, and something your guests are likely to like if THEY were drawn that way. What we are saying is look at the "MESSAGE" being communicated about the people they draw. Does it look like the artist really LIKES the people they have drawn? Are they conveying a fun, funny feeling or are they just "picking out the worst features and over-emphasizing them?" Is the artist laughing WITH the people they are drawing, or are they laughing AT them?

2. VIDEO PROOF OF SPEED AND QUALITY. We bring this up repeatedly elsewhere throughout this website, but we can never say it enough. You CAN'T know what an artist is going to be able to do at your event as an entertainer if they are not showing you UN-EDITED video of them drawing at least one COMPLETE drawing from start to finish, with no time lapse, no special effects, no sped-up footage... no other fake tactics to make themselves appear more capable of drawing more faces per hour or of genuinely performing as an entertainer than they really are.

3. SAMPLE PHOTOS. If an artist doesn't have at least a few dozen photos of folks holding up the caricature drawings the artist did of them and if the drawings weren't done at actual events out in the field rather than retail stands or in studio, how can you possibly fall for them calling themselves "professional caricature artist."

Caricature by Pete Wagner, fun couple at party
Caricature by Pete Wagner, college couple laughing
caricature drawing of girl at school carnival

photos of drawings done by a caricature artist at events, THINK
about how they will actually be likely to be received by your guests. REALLY LOOK at whether the drawing CAPTURES the ESSENCE of the person (or dog, or other personality) in the drawing. Is it really "THEM."

Or is it just a fancy, clever drawing, well drafted, neat and tidy and overly obsessed with perfectionistic draftsmanship, showing off the skills of the "artist" and featuring some gimmicky flourishes and visual tricks at the expense of RELATING to the guest and coming up with a truly FUNNY depiction.

Those kinds of drawings look "impressive" sometimes in an online context, and the first two or three might work at an event. But besides being too slow for events, they wear thin very quickly once people realize they are failing to capture the "subject." WE ARE KNOWN FOR HITTING THE NAIL ON THE HEAD repeatedly, and with genuine comedy.

We could never have lasted this long if it didn't.

We Draw Caricatures FAST! And we PROVE it.

Live, on location, in the field, at actual EVENTS - NOT in studio, NOT at retail stands

Our various albums here are all exhibiting photos of FAST caricature drawings done AT EVENTS out in the field. If a photo is included that was done at one of our few annual concessions at fairs where we SELL individual drawings and have time to slow down and do a bit more detail or more color than we do at events, those will be marked accordingly.

If you are hiring caricaturists for an EVENT, you NEED much more SPEED than what artists at concession stands at amusement parks and malls and fairs where retail caricatures are being sold. When drawing at a concession stand, the artist can take a LOT more time than at an event. In fact, when SELLING individual drawings in a retail setting, customers won't buy them if they are being drawn very quickly because they equate the amount of time spent on it as part of what makes it seem worth paying for. They need to feel a bit pampered before they will fork up $20 or more. So those drawings are entirely different from the kind done at events where the artist is drawing as many faces as they can.

So those sample drawings at the other guys' sites showing drawings where you can tell in the background they are at a concession stand do NOT give you ANY real idea are completely PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for them to be able to do at a party. Unless you are fine with them drawing two or three or MAYBE at most five drawings per hour. Or you don't mind disappointing 85% of your guests.

We give you an HONEST view of what we can and DO draw.

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