Kartoon Caricatures by Dian & Pete Wagner - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Specializing in Drawing Comic Cartoon Caricatures at EVENTS as Entertainment
Please contact us directly for more information about working with us as an attraction at fundraisers that has the potential to generate some additional income for your group. We have worked on these many times over the decades, and it took some early failures to figure out just what needs to be done and how in order for caricaturing to be effective and profitable at fundraisers.

The one main thing we can mention here is that SPEED is of the utmost importance for fundraising. Because we can do so many per hour and you do not want to overprice them, we are able to consistently generate at least a break-even level of revenue at most events, and usually at least a small profit. So we are both a great ATTRACTION to bring more folks to the event and make it more fun and memorable for them, thus improving the chances they will return to future events, and a potential fundraising component of your project.

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