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DOGS, DOGS, DOGS - Canine Caricatures by WAG
We Draw Pets and Other Animals, Too

We have been very popular at some events for dogs including rescue events, country club doggie brunches, canine carnivals and other events where we draw dogs. This is quite a challenge even for fast drawers like ourselves because much as we prefer it when our human guests are kinetic, we generally need to have them facing mostly in one direction most of the time (not holding perfectly still, but also not turning completely away or pivoting to where they shift dramatically back and forth, which is what dogs tend to do). It is also a challenge to do a drawing of a dog that is truly a DOG CARICATURE and not just a realistic sketch. For a caricature artist to translate the animal into more of a cartoon character takes a genuine natural vision of the world and its inhabitants that will result in the real deal and really capture that individual creature. We see it as a big part of our job as caricature artists to capture not just the physical features but the PERSONALITY of the caricaturee. Judging by all the "likes" of our Facebook photos of our caricature drawings of dogs, we must be doing a good job when we do take on these gigs.

Some of the caricatures we do at these events are among the most appreciated drawings we do. We have also drawn many farm animals for 4H kids at county and state fairs over the years, and we are always happy to make ourselves available for engagements to immortalize our furry friends in cartoon fashion.

With a name like "WAG" and initials that spell the word "PAW," how could Pete not be sympatico with his furry, four-legged friends?
Here's a 2016 dog caricature Pete drew at the "canine carnival" in our own neighborhood. We were a hit and were invited back this year again and it looks like one we'll be doing for many years to come. We were astonished by the fact that this one got over 10,000 likes on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/FunnyNotUgly - from all over the world! Pete thought he was bombing when he was drawing it but Dian was watching and said it was hilarious, and the crowd wholeheartedly agreed.
When sizing up a candidate to come draw at your event, don't be taken in by photos of caricature drawings with elaborate shading, color, full bodies, etc. like this one Dian drew at a fair where we were SELLING individual drawings, not drawing as many FREE ones per hour as we could.

These give you no idea of what the artist can actually do at an event, unless you want to hire an artist who can draw only three or four people or dogs per hour. (That is, if you think your guests will enjoy sitting there like a statue for all that time.)

It is physically impossible to make this many marks on paper in less than 13 or 14 minutes, and even that is a bit faster than is likely.

When they show you these kinds of drawings done at retail caricature concession stands, they are DECEIVING you. This is called FALSE ADVERTISING.* Look at our "competitors'" websites and you will see far too many of these.

WE ARE HONEST. We show you what we can REALLY do at an actual event. If they won't show you what they can really do at an event, why must that be? HIRE US, we treat you right.

*By the way, if they are lying to you about their drawings, you can bet things like client lists and testimonials are faked up, as well.

Another dog caricature + family by Pete at the neighborhood "canine carnival." More dog caricatures in Minneapolis MN. The people were moving even more than the dog for this one! Added a little color even though there was a big turnout. Hard not to use color with dogs--it's a big part of what makes a dog caricature look enough like them or not. Then once you have used color on the dog caricature, you also need to use it on the humans in the picture. So for dog events, it may be advisable to plan on color rather than black and white, which means not as many per hour but it may be necessary for the drawings to be effective.
These are all FAST, FAST, FAST cartoon (people and) dog and other animal caricature drawings by Dian and Pete Wagner from over the years...
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