Kartoon Caricatures by Dian & Pete Wagner - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Specializing in Drawing Comic Cartoon Caricatures at EVENTS as Entertainment


...And the most ABLE to draw young children in a funny-but-kind way they will love and understand...

...And the best around at working with young children in a way that will make it a FUN experience for them...

...And the best bet for drawing a keepsake that your family will treasure for years to come!

When sizing up a candidate to come draw at your event, don't be taken in by photos of caricature drawings with elaborate shading, color, full bodies, etc. like this one Pete drew at a show where we were SELLING individual drawings, not drawing as many FREE ones per hour as we could.

These give you no idea of what the artist can actually do at an event, unless you want to hire an artist who can draw only three or four people or dogs per hour. (That is, if you think your guests will enjoy sitting there like a statue for all that time.)

It is physically impossible to make this many marks on paper in less than 13 or 14 minutes, and even that is a bit faster than is likely.

When they show you these kinds of drawings done at retail caricature concession stands, they are DECEIVING you. This is called FALSE ADVERTISING.* Look at our "competitors'" websites and you will see far too many of these.

WE ARE HONEST. We show you what we can REALLY do at an actual event. If they won't show you what they can really do at an event, why must that be? HIRE US, we treat you right.

*By the way, if they are lying to you about their drawings, you can bet things like client lists and testimonials are faked up, as well. Read our "Client List" section for a real doozy of an expose of one of our most convincing-looking competitors' big lies.

Most artists HATE it when their "subjects" move. WE ARE JUST THE OPPOSITE.
The challenge of capturing a moving target gets our creative juices flowing. It also gives us a chance to capture much more of their personality because when they are engaged and active, that's when they are most being themselves. When we are forced to move fast, we thrive on the situation.

When it comes to genuine cartoon caricaturing,
THE FASTER we draw, THE BETTER we draw.

Words cannot express how thrilled young children are by Pete's caricature drawings of them.